stable house

stable houseCliftonHill-01cPaying respect to the original form was of utmost importance as was designing a sympathetic extension that fulfilled the owner’s brief. Marrying the two structures in a sensitive and respectful manner created both the challenge and excitement of this project. CliftonHill-02The existing timber Victorian cottage is sited on a corner block with a north facing backyard. The site is in a heritage overlay. The alterations and additions have aimed to respect and preserve the original building while create a contemporary piece of architecture that enhances the historically significant cottage. The new rear form is a modern play on the traditional stable form, a form readily seen locally. The ‘new’ and original elements are clearly distinguishable with contrasting forms, colours and materials. The result is a modern timeless extension rooted in practicality with an view to the present and the past. CliftonHill-03 CliftonHill-04 CliftonHill-05 CliftonHill-06 CliftonHill-07 CliftonHill-08 CliftonHill-09 CliftonHill-10 CliftonHill-11 CliftonHill-12